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Can there be too much speed? Yes, if it comes at the expense of reliability! The cornerstone of a successful website or business is composed of performance, reliability, security, and convenience. has been providing E-commerce solutions, web hosting, and web development solutions since 1996. From the small-store owner who only wants a one-page website to the corporation that needs an E-commerce solution with customization and full interactivity, has a plan to get you on the web. We also specialize in customizing and improving existing websites to provide a superior experience to your customers.



Performance is critical to maintaining relationships with your customers, especially during high-traffic times. The longer they have to wait for your pages to load, the more likely they will go to another website with a faster connection, no matter how good the service is. At, our hosting environment is designed to maximize speed and efficiency, while maintaining reliability. We understand the cycles and seasonality of internet traffic and configure our hosting environment to ensure uninterrupted performance at peak times.



Reliability is the litmus test of a quality hosting company. Top performance is meaningless without rock-solid reliability. is a “Microsoft Approved” Web Presence Provider and we guarantee 99.9% up-time for our clients. Even the best computer hardware eventually fails, therefore we take every step possible to ensure the reliability of our equipment and the up-time of your website. What makes us so reliable is:

  • “Microsoft Approved” Web Presence Provider (WPP)
  • Live, on-site server administrator 24/7
  • Reliable – Gigabit connections
  • State of the art, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and diesel generators
  • Daily tape backups
  • RAID 5 backup storage drives


Part of maintaining relationships with customers is providing them a safe and secure experience. Without the proper security precautions, your site could be compromised, and your customers’ privacy threatened. At, our servers are protected by advanced email and external attack systems, with network engineers and security specialists monitoring our systems 24/7 for possible vulnerabilities and attacks. Our infrastructure is audited and monitored by Trustwave and McAfee Secure to keep your sites safe and efficient. We also employ Thawte/VeriSign security certificates because we understand your customers’ transactions are equally important. convenience


Cutting edge technology is wonderful, but usually cost prohibitive and confusing to set up. provides convenient and simple solutions customized to your business. We focus on providing the best customer service, customized solutions, and marketing systems to enhance the tools offered to our clients. Our convenient “Build Your Online Quote” system allows you to get a quote and sign up for one of the world’s most innovative web hosting experiences. As a High-Volume Network Solutions and Open SRS Partner, we can quickly search and register your domain name. We can provide you with your own website, POP or browser-based mail, stats control panel, FTP, and more. is all about knowledgeable customer service, integrity, and convenience.

If you have questions, please visit our FAQ or give us a call (we do answer our phones) – Toll Free: (800)250-1507 or (714)842-8511 x 115.

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