How our CDN Works

How our CDN Works – YourHost’s global EdgeCast-Verizon driven CDN private network has been created and built to effectively distribute large files, stream live events, and enable on-demand access to video and other media. The Edgecast-Verizon architecture used by YourHost’s network is designed for reliability and scalability. Additionally, the architecture boasts competitive bandwidth capacity and speeds. does not charge for Ingest, which can add up and become very costly over time. distributes media to all mobile devices via Wowza technology.

The network consists of multiple 10gbps connections per point of presence (POP) around the glob. YourHost has a unique peering strategy with a massive roster of peered EdgeCast-Verizon driven networks worldwide, further differentiating the network as one of the most powerful and affordable around.

YourHost’s Points of Presence Mean Faster Speeds for Your Users

Viewing the entire network, the server guarantees the best user experience by making routing decisions in real time using IP Anycast, delivering content through the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective route. The server finds the best transfer location for every end user route, taking geographic location, network traffic and Quality of Service (QoS) controls into consideration. implements Wowza servers for solid HTML5 streaming. Flash is not dead yet and still lingers around so you need both Flash and HTML5 streaming options.

The network maintains more than 32 points of presence (POP’s) throughout North America, South America and Europe.

North America

na Including the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Jose, Seattle, and Washington DC.

South America

sa Including the city of São Paulo.


europe Including the cities of Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Vienna, and Warsaw.


Other Other cities include Batam, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kaohsiung, Osaka, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Peering Infrastructure

YourHost peers with hundreds of other networks, including major ISPs, cable MSOs and telecom companies. By peering with other networks via private fiber and at various exchange points around the world, unparalleled content distribution and improved network efficiency are provided for all customers.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service control mechanisms are employed in YourHost’s network to simultaneously carry multiple types of traffic. QoS allows the network to be utilized efficiently and eliminates the need to simply throw bandwidth at content without regard for actual traffic requirements.

IP and Content Caching

Hosting is one aspect of YourHost’s services but speeding up how images, files, and content are delivered are another specialty provided. If you have lots of traffic and want a faster and more responsive website, YourHost can take your site and it’s content to the next level.

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