We highly suggest that you put in place the HTTP / 2 for your Live and or VOD streaming services.

Almost all hosting is going to HTTPS site, especially ones that use ecommerce, streaming, admin services, and forms.

YourHost.com can offer CDN HTTP/2 on a quarterly basis.

Q. How long does it take to Provision?

A. Typically, allow for 5 days, and make sure you notify us 5 days of any changes prior to the last week of the quarter your in.

The cost of a Dedicated (not shared which is better for SEO and Security) CDN HTTP/2 SSL cert is $180/mo or $540/qtr, and setup assistance fee of $199, (typically $400), which are Edgecast / Verizon charges for this one time initial implementation.

Benefits – There are many obvious and unseen benefits to CDN SSL HTTP/2 certificates. Using SSL also allows customers to leverage the HTTP 2 network which by default all SSL is being served over HTTP 2. Attached documentation. SSL also provides an additional layer of security along with increasing google rankings.

SSL can take up to 3-5 days to implement, and provision, and if necessary, we have engineers we can work with that can get the provisioning expedited.

The important thing is that in order to verify this type of SSL Cert, you will be sent out an automated email that will go to the primary person of your domain, which I learned is you from a look up I did.

Make sure you speak with our team if you have any concerns, we are pros at this and know that you will love working with our YourHost.com team.

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