PCI Compliance

Does your Website Need to be PCI Compliant?

YouHost.com has been working with Ecommerce and PCI compliance since 1998 as the Banks are requiring PCI scanning reports with Certificates of compliance. Trustwave has proven itself as a leader in providing these services and we have partnered with them to bring you and your organization, friendly, affordable, and reliable services.

Questions regarding PCI Compliance –

Q – Can I fill this out myself and run the scans myself?
A – Why would you waste your time with the PCI process when  YourHost.com can do it for you? You will more than likely need your hosting companies assistance in filling out the full report or give it a shot on your own, you have nothing to lose. YourHost.com has a flat $99 one-time fee, which gives you access to the PCI savvy techs that can help the completion of your account. If you want to save money, you can do it yourself and we can assist you with some of the questions to help you along your way.

Q- What does a Trustwave TrustMark Look like?
A – Here it is – trustmark

Q – What does the viewer see when they click on the trust mark?
A –  This is a sample of what they will see. trustmark-popup

Q – Can I generate a pdf report with my PCI admin tool?
A – Yes, it is very friendly and simple and you are guided along each step to answer the questions in the wizard.

Q – What happens when I find an issue with my website as a result of a Trust Wave scan?
A – As a client, YourHost.com company is going to be your best source of remedy for this. The PCI or Vulnerability scan will tell you exactly where the issues lie. YourHost.com servers are all PCI compliant which if hosted on our servers, leaves your website, database, ecommerce store as points of concern. Sometimes, simple software updates that can remedy the issues, but when it comes to code and other concerns, as a YourHost.com customer, we can dig in for you and get you a clean bill of heath and our services are only, $80/hr, 1hr minimum.

Q – What is the average Scan per month or per period I can have done?
A –  Unlimited, once a month or once a quarter is recommended but your Bank may require more and you will be ready.

Q – How much is it typically?
A –  They go by site size and risk factors and most start at $299/year for a single domain so you only need to apply with us and we will get you a quote.

We also Offer Custom Vulnerability Services –


Aside from your website, your office or organization networks can be at risk from security breaches. The Trustwave Scan can provide external scanning services that will produce vulnerability reports for YourHost.com or your network administrator to remedy. YourHost.com can provide remote services to remove your vulnerabilities at $80/hr.

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