E-Commerce Infrastructure

badge-uptimeYour E-commerce business can only be as reliable as your hosting architecture. At YourHost.com we provide a fast, robust e-commerce infrastructure with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and the flexibility to grow with your business. We understand the seasonal and cyclical nature of E-commerce, and therefore strategically plan scalability into every client’s hosting package and server deployment.  Whether shared, virtual, or dedicated hosting is required, get the freedom of having your own server without the burden of management or cost of purchase. With years of experience planning, deploying, and managing configurations, our engineers will work with you to provide the best E-commerce infrastructure with 24×7 support.

YourHost E-Commerce Infrastructure

We own and operate our own servers, partnering with a major connection tier-1 provider to bring you one of the most reliable services in the market today.  Our engineers and security specialists constantly monitor our server arrays to ensure efficiency, and identify threats before an incident occurs.  With YourHost.com, affordably get the performance, reliability, and security of an industry-top datacenter, with the convenience of unparalleled service and support.


Shared Hosting

Shared e-commerce hosting is the perfect solution for small E-commerce websites to get up and running quickly. Feature-rich, secure, and reliable – this is a great e-commerce infrastructure for small businesses, bloggers, and web designers.

E-Commerce Pricing /yourhost-services/virtual-private-server-vps/


Virtual Hosting (VPS)

Virtual private servers are the next level of performance for your growing website. Utilizing our secure hosting environment, our virtual private servers bring elevated performance and scalability that are perfect for businesses experiencing rapid growth.

Virtual Hosting (VPS) Pricing


Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the powerhouse, business-class e-commerce infrastructure solution for large businesses, resource intensive websites, applications, and databases. Fully managed, fully customizable, and solely yours – get the tools your business needs without the cost and hassle.

Dedicated Hosting Pricing
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