Virtual Private Server (VPS) provides companies and organizations with unprecedented brilliantly-managed English Speaking, US Based support.

What Is Virtual Hosting (VPS)?

badge-uptimeVirtual hosting (VPS) is a physical server that is partitioned into several virtual servers with specified and reserved CPU and RAM resources. Virtual servers are isolated from others and else do not compete with one another for resources and they are easily scaleable, on-the-fly, ensuring steady performance through high business and holiday seasons. Virtual hosting is ideal for growing businesses and customers from non-technical assistance to full technical abilities which removes the costly expense of initial and replacement hardware, along with Data Center visits. Now you can fearlessly create and experience heavy website traffic and/or run complex applications without an extensive support staff, as seamlessly does it all for you in the background.

Is your your current Web IT Hosting Service frustrating your team? We provide consistent customized services. Moving to our family is a pain-free moving processes that afford you & will give your team the piece of mind to you long for, leaving you to remain focused on your customers & company growth, while our team does all the heavy-lifting.

Before coming to, Techs and IT managers have expressed frustration they were getting with low-quality support from the majority of Hosting companies they have tried. You have stayed with your current host because of the pain of moving and now the pain is too great, and that is why you on our site are reading this. is a Hosting company that works closely with its customers, bringing solid server management along with proactive support. servers are equipped with Scaleable SSD Storage (Solid State Device) high performance Linux servers designed for all of your infrastructure needs. When looking for VPS services, you can remotely setup VPS’s just about anywhere on the Internet, at very low costs, with little or no support, and that is not what our customers are looking for.

Maximize Performance & Profit (VPS) virtual hosting puts the power and performance of a dedicated server in your hands, without the higher cost. We offer a no-nonsense approach to creating a virtual hosting solution that fits your business and your wallet. With various plans and options, our engineers will package your requirements in an all-in-one fully managed server, ready to hit the ground running.  In combination with our secure hosting environment, virtual hosting provides the tools and resources for your business to flourish in today’s competitive markets.

Benefits and Features of Virtual Hosting Plans

  • Fully Managed with Live Phone, Email, and Chat Support
  • Updates and Custom installs
  •  PCI Server Compliant to compliment Trustwave Service
  • FREE WordPress install and management
  • CPanel is optional
  • Google Apps Partner – Get Domain Email with Google Apps
  • 24×7 3rd Tier Live US Managed tech support

Managed Virtual Dedicated Servers + Business-Class Service Virtual Managed Dedicated Servers bring the utmost performance and freedom of having your own server(s) without the burden of management or the cost of purchasing. Ideal for businesses or advanced users who manage high traffic websites, CPU-intensive applications, or complex databases – Virtual managed dedicated servers offers the power and flexibility your business needs.  If you have strict performance or compliance requirements, our engineers can customize a system to deliver maximum performance and up-time. Let us do the work for you!

The Features of Our Virtual Dedicated Servers

  • 5 IP addresses
  • Full Server Management
  • Off-site daily backups at no extra charge!
  • Current Apache / PHP / MySQL / Perl / SSL
  • Unlimited domain names and pointed domain names, auto responders, mailing lists
  • Webmail Flash GUI , Enterprise Communigate
  • POP3 and IMAP email boxes
  • Unlimited, Full FTP Access
  • Scripts – WordPress, phpBB, formmail, etc…
  • Stats – Raw logs, Webalizer stats updated hourly
  • PCI compliant from Trustwave or McAfee based on current yearly costs
  • 24×7 Ecommerce / Server support

Virtual Hosting (VPS) Plans

Bronze Managed Server
Linux OS
2 GB RAM 1 Core
30 GB Storage
2 TB Transfer
Managed Virtual Server
US Based English Support
Nightly backups included
cPanel Control Panel add $20/mo.
Silver Managed Server
Linux OS
4 GB RAM 2 Cores
48 GB Storage
3 TB Transfer
Managed Virtual Server
US Based English Support
Nightly backups included
cPanel Control Panel add $20/mo.
Gold Managed Server
Linux OS
8 GB RAM 4 Cores
96 GB Storage
4 TB Transfer
Managed Virtual Server
US Based English Support
Nightly backups included
cPanel Control Panel add $20/mo.
Platinum Managed Server
Linux OS
12 GB RAM 8 Cores
192 GB Storage
8 TB Transfer
Managed Virtual Server
US Based English Support
Nightly backups included
cPanel Control Panel add $20/mo.
Custom Managed Server
Need custom Ram?
Need larger storage?
Need Dedicated IP?
Need Custom Management?
cPanel Control Panel Option
US Based English Support
Nightly backups included
cPanel Control Panel add $20/mo.

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What Are Managed Dedicated Servers?

Managed Dedicated Servers as physical servers have gone by the wayside and are almost 100% replaced with Virtual Servers or VPS, all physical resources of a managed and dedicated server are available exclusively to the customer.  This enables high performance, business-class service with full customization.


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