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Streaming host testimonials

We recently purchased the Touchstream Unit made by Digital Rapids–thanks Yourhost for setting that up–and the unit has really delivered.

Its hardware rendering takes the pressure off the software and produces an outstanding feed.

It has almost no other applications loaded so almost of all of its "engine" is dedicated to the streaming.

We also purchased storage from, and this has worked out great, allowing us to archive with relative ease.

Pastor Sam Petitifls
Sunrise Church, Rialto California

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Thanks to you and Matt in for your help in transition with our high band internet broadcast.

...Thankfully, no issues arose with the new broadcast stream. At this time we have conducted several 24 hour tests with full motion video, and audio, and have experienced no issues.

See complete testimonial has faithfully provided us with exceptional service since day one of our church plant.

They've not only offered us an amazing deal to every church plant in our network, but they've ensured that any church of any size would be able to afford premium web streaming services at an affordable price.

I personally know and have built a relationship with the guys at and believe that they are out to serve Christ in their offering of this evangelistic tool.

We have huge numbers of people all over the United States tuning in to us every weekend...this blew our expectations in extending our reach beyond our four walls.

Pastor Peyton Jones
Calvary Chapel Refuge Long Beach
NewBreed Church Planters

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