Quick Gocart.com Ecommerce Tool Review

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Quick Review of go-cart.

Comments – The shopping cart is too new and in reviewing the community we found many comments about basic core not working well and installation and migration difficult.

Rating – 2
Critical use of Digital Download ability and issues Rating – 2
Support – Community only – 2
Problem Resolution of basic issues that mature with time – 2
Time since it has been out on the market – 2

The details….

We have been supporting and setting up Ecommerce software since 1998 and my team have seen many Ecommerce platforms softwares come and go. I have no agenda in writing this article. I did find very few articles on GoCart so I will challenge you to comments are openly welcomed.

I am the one that is always looking out for the latest Shinny Ecommerce tool or software and that will outshine ShopSite, Magento, Shopify, Woo, and the like.

Why do I keep looking? I keep looking because I know ShopSite lacks some of the extended tools that are offered by other Ecommerce tools that lack bas want to see in a shopping cart, but it is easy to forget that in its run as Openmarket from 1997, it has not had any reliability and security issues that I can remember to date.

The key to making sure your ecommerce cart will work for you is that it will integrate with ALL and I mean all of the elements you plan to use and maybe even some for the future.

What are the points I look for in an ecommerce review –
It usually takes me about 1-3 hours of searching reviews and community input to form and opinion. It did not take me long to do that for goCart.
Rate it 1-5 as an overall review
How many people are involved directly in the development?
How many support it directly?
How long has it been out? (do not consider if under 2 years)
Review bugs and issues, and performance posts
Review resolutions and timeframes for resolutions

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