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#1 Understanding the Black Magic Thunderbolt Intensity Extreme & Wirecast Tutorial Series

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** Buy Wirecast or any Telestream product from and get $25 discount towards Setup Services and off a 1 year agreement. Discounts are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Check to see if you qualify! Start with Live Streaming with Wirecast Studio – Take the next step with Wirecast Pro for IP cameras and many other features...

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Hosting Invoice – Domain Renewal Letter is a SCAM

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It seems like it is 1999 all over again. Some of our customers and others we have spoken to are getting the Official looking Hosting Service bills and DNS or Domain Renewal or Domain change letters in the mail. Back in the day, this was a big problem and it appears the SCAM is cycling again. NEVER renew a domain or even send money for Hosting Services from a letter you get in the mail or from a phone call. 98% of the time they are a SCAM . Many of these letters are asking for you to sign and pay or sign, or just pay a hosting services or...

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Letter from the President

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Since Monday night October 29th, 2012, our team at stands vigil to the citizens to the eastern seaboard. The unprecedented natural disaster, displacement, death, destruction, and loss that is “uncommentable”. Having personally been in the middle of a natural disaster, this is not a short term thing. It will be going go on for many months looking forward. None of understands why these things happen. One thing for sure: that our people as a city, state, nation are strong will stretch themselves again, and pull ourselves...

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How can you tell if they are they using Joomla or WordPress?

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First of all, what the heck is WordPress or Joomla? These Open Sourced Content Managed Systems or CMS’s rapidly taking hold as the foundation  of the general website design for more and more companies, organizations, and churches. What good are they? In a nutshell, they allow the organization to manage their website without hiring or having to be a full fledged designer. Q. Do you still need a designer with a CMS? A. It depends. Q. When do you select one over the other or for that matter the other CMS systems out there? A. Simply put,...

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Pinterest, Gaining Social E-commerce Traction?

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In recent years, social e-commerce has been rapidly evolving. We are constantly being bombarded with new information and by nature of “overload-protection”, we tend to discount or delay the review of these new social tools until they become mainstream. Today’s business marketing, specifically in the e-commerce climate takes multiple ways to effectively market your products or services and a essential part of marketing are social tool. For example you may devote the following percentages – 15% Emails, 2% FB, 5% Blog, 4%...

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SAM Broadcaster

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We have been hosting Live Streaming for since 1997 with our first Radio Broadcast from a phone booth in Warez Mexico, that’s 2million years in internet time. What does that mean to you. 😀 ? We have skill along with a killer backbone, support group, and solid network so your radio station can be cleanly streamed around the world with continuous clean speed. We thought it might be good to let you know that we have started hosting SAM Broadcasting users. Low key…Were here if you want call or email us. Audio or Video 714 842-8511 ext...

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Why vs. Video On Demand?

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There are a variety of reasons for this including (but not limited to): Video is delivered in your customized, branded video player, in an uninterrupted stream, which results in a more professional delivery. When videos finish playing on YouTube, their service suggests related videos, which can often either be one of your competition or something different entirely. By clicking on these it will either introduce your potential customer to your competition or it will change their focus to something different entirely – either way both of...

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Today, Monday September 10th, 2012, Godaddy DNS servers got hacked and Millions of GoDaddy customers websites and emails just stopped dead in their tracks. As a rule, I have the utmost respect for IT services teams in most companies, especially when it is a large company like GoDaddy, as they have setup layers of  security and redundancies,  and still they get hacked. I have empathy for the GoDaddy team and it appears that no entity is safe when it comes to politics and just plain pissed off groups that want to make a point at the expense of...

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Choosing Dimensions for Quality Video Stream & Production

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Choosing Dimensions for Quality Video Production The quality of your final production can have a lot to do with your recording and production settings. Before you start recording your screen, you should spend a few minutes determining the size of your final video. This makes your decisions about recording, editing, and sharing a lot easier. Here are some questions to ask to help you choose your dimension settings: Where do I plan on hosting my final video? Where will my audience view my final video? Do I want my video to be produced in...

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Review on Sony Robotic Camera and Streaming tools

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In the last year there is allot of buzz in the church community about Live Streaming in HD…. going to HD.  Typically, you will start with a new camera! STOP, there are more cost effective ways to appear to have HD with what you are currently using now. If you have not had the pleasure of using Wirecast software, I strongly nudge you to look into it.  You can get a free trial download and don’t miss out on our 5% discount coupon code when you decide to buy. There are many online services that are NOT using HD cameras but are able...

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