E-Commerce Overview

Affordable Customized E-Commerce Solutions

Since 1997, we have provided customized e-commerce solutions enabling clients to affordably focus on growth and sales. Understanding the dynamic nature of business, we deliver the hosting environment needed to increase your e-commerce presence. We are the hosting partners with one-stop support offering the infrastructure, platforms, security, design, and management skills that are right for you and your customers.

E-Commerce Made Easy – YourHost.com Comprehensive Setup

We understand you need to put your time and energy into your business, so our engineers at YourHost.com will take care of all the technical details of your e-commerce solution. Anytime you have questions, our dedicated support team is just an email or call away.

E-Commerce Platforms

There are many e-commerce platforms with varying features, and we will assist you in finding the best solution for your business. With our hosting environment, we can host any e-commerce platform, and specialize in: ShopSite, WooCommerce, & Magento.

E-Commerce Platforms

E-Commerce Security

We have e-commerce security solutions to keep your customers safe while shopping. From SSL Certificates to PCI-compliance, our engineers will work with you to protect your customers, establish and maintain trust, and promote corporate integrity.

Secure My Website

E-Commerce Infrastructure

Yourhost.com offers a tailored hosting environment to fit your e-commerce needs and grow your business. Also, our high speed hosting architecture enables you to maximize up-time with our 99.9% up-time guarantee, keeping your e-commerce sites up, and running.

Maximize Up-time

Automatic Backups

You can rest assured your e-commerce site is automatically and redundantly backed up.

SSL Certificates

Data protection is paramount at YourHost.com and your online store includes 128-bit SSL encryption and fully PCI-compliance!

Blazing Fast Servers

Fast servers mean high performance, and high performance means customer growth and satisfaction.

Free Updates

e-commerce is always evolving and improving with new features. With YourHost.com, these enhancements and updates are included for free.


Custom E-Commerce Design

Your website is the primary way your customers will interact with you. It needs to accurately and effectively represent your business and brand. We will work with your marketing department to design and build an e-commerce website that connects you with your customers.

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