DaCast Streaming Comparison

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DaCast Streaming Overview

Media Streaming has become a valuable tool and near-necessity for businesses and organizations seeking to connect and communicate with customers. As the number of companies offering streaming and on-demand services increase, it can become difficult to compare and determine the best solution for your organization. DaCast.com is one such company, and their website states, “DaCast offers the first self-service, all-in-one streaming platform. It enables video and audio content owners to easily start broadcasting high quality video over the web, generating new revenue in just 20 minutes.” dacast logo smallerSporting a slick and easy interface, DaCast appears to follow through on their promise, but with some investigation the results become mixed and less than satisfactory.

DaCast Streaming Setup

The service begins with a simple interface to select your publishing point, stream bitrate, and dimensions. Unfortunately, the only US publishing point offered is in Kansas, which could have significant impact on customers publishing from the coastal areas. YourHost’s CDN network offers publishing points in N. America in Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Jose/Sunnyvale, Seattle and Toronto, as well as in S. America and Europe.

republish_dacast_2Next, DaCast offers a choice of encoders between Adobe live, Wirecast, and “other.” For Adobe and Wirecast, a download is provided with your stream configuration selections. Tests of both options yielded configuration files that both Adobe and Wirecast rejected as out of date or invalid. Using the “other” option finally showed the publishing parameters allowing manual creation of a profile for Wirecast. This, however, is neither easy nor quick as they claim. YourHost.com offers these encoders and more, and their customer service team ensures your stream will be configured correctly from the beginning, not leaving your business to find a workaround through their website by trial and error.

DaCast Streaming – “less compatible”

Furthermore, DaCast provides two players with embed codes ready to use. The first player is a Javascript player, which is advertised as compatible with everything and the second player is an iframe player. When testing the Java script player, after creating a test page and pasting in the player code, the player failed to load the stream. There were not any visible errors in the configuration, yet the player didn’t even show in the test page. Using the iframe player, which DaCast describes as “less compatible,” the test stream was viewable. Their service also provides a preview feature, which only worked using the iframe player. These types of inconsistencies are common in automated configurations.

streaming-video-130213Media streaming, though increasingly available and common, is still very complex with many variables. YourHost’s global, private network was built to effectively distribute large files, stream live events, and enable on-demand access to video and other media. When comparing streaming companies, it is important to look under the hood and make an informed decision.

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