Posts made in September, 2012

In recent years, social e-commerce has been rapidly evolving. We are constantly being bombarded with new information and by nature of “overload-protection”, we tend to discount or delay the review of these new social tools until they become mainstream. Today’s business marketing, specifically in the e-commerce climate takes multiple ways to effectively market your products or services and a essential part of...

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SAM Broadcaster

Posted By on Sep 21, 2012

We have been hosting Live Streaming for since 1997 with our first Radio Broadcast from a phone booth in Warez Mexico, that’s 2million years in internet time. What does that mean to you. 😀 ? We have skill along with a killer backbone, support group, and solid network so your radio station can be cleanly streamed around the world with continuous clean speed. We thought it might be good to let you know that we have started hosting...

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There are a variety of reasons for this including (but not limited to): Video is delivered in your customized, branded video player, in an uninterrupted stream, which results in a more professional delivery. When videos finish playing on YouTube, their service suggests related videos, which can often either be one of your competition or something different entirely. By clicking on these it will either introduce your potential customer...

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Posted By on Sep 10, 2012

Today, Monday September 10th, 2012, Godaddy DNS servers got hacked and Millions of GoDaddy customers websites and emails just stopped dead in their tracks. As a rule, I have the utmost respect for IT services teams in most companies, especially when it is a large company like GoDaddy, as they have setup layers of  security and redundancies,  and still they get hacked. I have empathy for the GoDaddy team and it appears that no entity...

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