Posts made in April, 2010

NAB Highlights

Posted By on Apr 16, 2010

I took the 5 hour drive  to the NAB  Conference in Las Vegas and spent the day with our CTO, Matt Kotich, Wednesday April 14th. Was it worth it? You bet.  My goal was to look for new tools, services, and tips that our streaming customers could benefit from.  I looked forward to connecting face-to-face with our virtual alliance partners, Digital Rapids and Mobile Media Devices. My personal thanks to Brent Ross and the Digital Rapids...

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Streaming and it’s quirks

Posted By on Apr 10, 2010

If you are planning to stream an event at your church or for your organization. Streaming is much like quality email marketing, practice makes perfect, and the number one mantra is Test, Test, and more Tests. Windows media is a pretty much a no brainier , you set up the link and post it. You do not even have to embed the code in your web page. Let me know if you need for me to expound on that but for now I will go on. Embedding...

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Making a Flash player can be a task that keeps one from an otherwise quick  entry into the streaming world. We do not feel this should be difficult.  We have no idea why streaming companies make their Flash and even Windows HTML Codes and files  a mystery to it’s users and is here to change that for the better. The goal is to get our users online as as painless as possible.  As you get accustomed to the player and...

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