Posts made in June, 2009

Over the years we have been seeing basic improvements with Constant Contact’s online emailing tool. Recently, after some major upgrades, has began offering Constant Contact as a economical alternative to the Market Manager – Blue Hornet solution. Both systems have their place, but Constant Contact is by far more user friendly and less frustrating to the basic user. Write us if your you want info on the...

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Partners out of the office

Posted By on Jun 20, 2009

Delayed post… Partners are important in every business. Bandcon is one of our partners we and we found one Summer that and Eric Kirkhuff’s CEO Bandcon’s  Brian Marks had wakeboarding in common.  So we went out and tore it up. Brian is one of our softspoken GoTo guys at Bandcon, aside from being a great Technical guy, we were stoked he knew how to do...

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Every time we turn around the cost of sending a letter has gone up. 41…42….44 cents. Bulk mailing has also increased in price. More and more people have email on their phones and PDA’s, which helps you to keep your customer’s informed about the products and services you are offering. Email can cost as little as 1/2 cent  per email to send, which is far less than postal fees. How do you write a good email or...

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