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Digital Reputation

Posted By on Jan 15, 2009

Keeping in communication with both your potential and current customers has been and still is a vital aspect of business. Sending newsletters, notifications, and general letters just to let customers know you care, should be a general practice for all companies. However those SPAM filters that protectour inboxes from day to day can at times act like a duel edged sword, filtering out some good mail with the bad. “How do I show...

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The Internet is one of the greatest tools that any business could possible have. It allows a company to get their name out, automate the shopping process, keep in touch with your loyal customer base, reach new people and, keep their markets fresh. Like any tool, if not used at the right time and the right way, its can be useless and counter productive, Shopping Carts, Email Marketing, Web Design, and Streaming Media are just a few of...

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